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Power of Gson

JSON (Java Script Object Notation) is a widely used data-exchange format in web services. It is an easy format for humans to read and write, meanwhile is easy for machines to generate and parse. For Java language, Gson is an open source Java library – developed by Google to serialize and deserialize the Java objects into… Continue reading Power of Gson


Exception – is a blessing? or a Curse?

For computer programmers, exceptions arise frequently when they do programming. During the morning sessions on IT organisations the buzz word is “There were such & such  exceptions in the code when we left yesterday”, where the mindsets of programmers say that “Exceptions are devils”. But for me, the exceptions are blessings and curses depending on… Continue reading Exception – is a blessing? or a Curse?


equals() Versus ‘==’

I have seen lot of discussions on ‘==’ versus equals() for objects in Java and most of the discussions are based on String class, which led me to post below discussion. Before diving into deep concepts,first let’s understand basic rules on ‘==’ and equals(). The rule of  ‘==’ The ‘==’ (equality) compares whether the references (pointers… Continue reading equals() Versus ‘==’


Behind the ‘new’ keyword

Java – one of the most popular programming languages in use, as it leads on web,mobile and desktop based applications. The language focuses on the Object-Oriented-Programming (OOP), easier  for human beings as they think and see the world. The post is not about Java programming, it is all about what is underlying inside. Before diving… Continue reading Behind the ‘new’ keyword

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File System Monitoring in Linux

File Synchronization is one of the powerful terms used in today’s computer world,where people want to keep their important files in cloud storage whenever they need. The Dropbox application installed on my Ubuntu 14.04 laptop led me to think what is happening behind the scenes – when files/directories are modified or created/deleted inside the Dropbox… Continue reading File System Monitoring in Linux

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Simple Port Scanner

Network security is an important chapter in current information world, where hackers try to grab information illegally. One of the techniques used by hackers is – Port Scanning. Port scanning can be used to either harm or protect the web server based on intention through identifying the opened ports on a web server. The post focuses on… Continue reading Simple Port Scanner

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Simple HTTP Server

World changed when the Internet came – people were talking about World-Wide-Web and were eager to search information around the world. Who catered their requests ? Answer is – HTTP server. Generally HTTP server listens on port 80 for incoming requests. According to request URLs the server replies with relevant responding codes and response messages. On initial… Continue reading Simple HTTP Server